Smart Cheque Account

A real value and rewards bank account which offers three monthly pricing options to allow you to choose the right account for you. The following are available for free for all Smart Cheque Account customers:

You enjoy

  • No minimum account balance needed to open account
  • Do not pay to check your balance using FNB ATM, Cellphone, or Online Banking
  • Paying with your Debit card when shopping
  • Access to Cellphone and Online Banking
  • Moving your salary and debit orders to your new account
  • Access inContact - we will SMS you if R100 or more goes in or out of your account
  • SMS to notify you when new debit orders are loaded on your account
  • Up to 15% back on your monthly fuel or airtime spend with FNB Rewards

You need to

  • Earn less than R100,000 per year
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a valid South African citizen

You pay

You have two Pricing Options:

1. Pay-as-you-use (PAYU) and Fee Saver* - R30.00

  • If you earn a regular salary
  • If you want to pay a low monthly fee and do fewer transactions
  • If you want to build a credit record and if you want to qualify for an Overdraft

*When you maintain a R9 000 balance in your account throughout the month on the Fee Saver pricing option you qualify for the following benefits:

  • No monthly account fee
  • Unlimited qualifying electronic transactions (debit orders, prepaid purchases, transfers and payments)
  • 6 free FNB ATM cash withdrawals
  • A combination of 3 free branch, cheque and Telephone Banking (consultant assisted) transactions (excluding all cash and cheque deposits) per month.

2. Unlimited - R84.00

  • If you get a regular salary and want to know what you pay in fees upfront
  • If you do more than 5 ATM withdrawals per month (The first 6 ATM withdrawals are included in the R84)
  • If you want to build a credit record and if you want to qualify for an Overdraft
  • If you want to get 1GB ADSL Data free from FNB Connect every month
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