Temporary Loan

FNB has a loan suitable to meet your needs.

You get

  • Convenient short term loan
  • Repayable in full within 31 days after you take it up
  • It is available immediately and there are no forms to complete
  • The agreed loan amount is credited to your FNB Personal Cheque Account or Smart Account, instantly.
  • Should you repay the total loan, or outstanding balance within 31 days, you don't pay any interest

See if you qualify

Other Information

  • Initiation fee is up to 13% of the loan value
  • The amount you qualify for is dependent on your credit profile and is subject to credit approval
  • Product renewal is not automatic.
  • Loans not settled within 31 days may be subject to an interest rate of 2% per month
  • Any deposits made into the FNB transactional account from the day after taking up the loan will be allocated towards the payment of the loan
  • Failure to repay the loan will result in adverse information being recorded against your name with the credit bureau which could adversely affect your ability to obtain further credit
  • Should you need help with your debt, speak to a consultant at your nearest FNB Branch or call us on 086 036 2002

Terms and Conditions apply.